FISH EYE Fly Fishing Video Magazine is dedicated to bringing you the very best in fly fishing entertainment. We aim to capture the spirit of fly fishing today, from the people and places, to the shops and companies, that make this sport so special and unique. We try to use images, music, and commentary to capture the moments, express feelings, and tell stories.

FISH EYE Fly Fishing Video Magazine is broken up into chapters or video segments. We do spot checks on water, interviews and profiles on interesting people, instructional pieces, comedy skits, and much more. We show both the serious and humorous sides of fly fishing in today's environment. Some of the chapters are set completely to music and are very fast passed. Others incorporate commentary and instructional techniques. Unfortunately as we all know, the sport of fly fishing is not non stop action. There are times when you have to be very patient and make careful observations if you want to excel. Luckily our new DVD format makes it easier for you to be impatient. You can now quickly and easily skip to the chapters that appeal to you and by-pass the ones that don't.

FISH EYE Fly Fishing Video Magazine is designed to be highlights films for fly fisherman. They are intended to be similar to ski or surf videos, in that we hope you will want to watch them again and again. Our goal is to break away from the formula of fishing films of the past. In years past when you went to the videos section of the local fly shop, there were lots of instructional videos, but very little for the seasoned angler. We hope to fill that niche. If you are a novice angler or just interested in this sport, you will learn allot from watching these videos. If you are an expert angler, you will still learn allot form watching these videos.

FISH EYE videos are made with the veteran fisherman in mind too. Our goal is to capture the subtle but exciting moments that define a good day of fishing, like the rising of a trout, or even just the observation of a caddis dancing on the water. The little moments that make you long to be back on the water after you have just left it. If you could put those feelings into a film, FISH EYE would be it. We hope to appeal to the crowd who know what a good take is, and a good hookset, and for those who can appreciate an admirable fight, or just a good cast. Most of all we hope to appeal to those who just plain love fishing, and love to look at fish.

"Over the course of a year the Truckee always hands me a few beatings, and i just take them in stride, knowing the next day could be my day. The switch could get flicked, and i could be the lucky guy catching all the fish."


Season of the Mayfly